AMO advises the general public to obtain Contact Lenses from Registered Optometrists to ensure safe use of the product, avoidance of contact lens related complications, and optimum eye health and vision whilst using it.

In Malaysia, dispensing/purchasing of contact lenses is regulated under the Optical Act 1991 which states that only Registered Optometrists may prescribe, dispense/sell contact lenses to the public. Additionally, this privilege is also extended to selected Registered Opticians who have obtained the special Contact Lens License from the Malaysian Optical Council (Ministry of Health).

Regardless of the contact lens being obtained for medical, vision correction and cosmetic (colour or beauty contact lens) purposes, contact lenses are medical devices that require a prescription, ie involving proper fitting and consultation by an Optometrist registered with the Malaysian Optical Council to ensure safe wearing experience and avoidance/minimization of contact lens related complications, while maintaining vision and eye health.


*Contact lens (medical, vision correction and cosmetic purpose) is a medical device under Medical Device Authority (MDA):

Source: dd 2 Feb 2021